Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wafer Train

My 4-year-old had an event at school for which he needed to bring something for the whole class. I created an edible choo-choo-train with a car for each student and teacher. I used large chocolate coated wafers, colored m&ms, shoestring licorice, cream-filled sandwich cookies, candy corn, colored candy melts, and melted baking chocolate. I cut the wafers in half crosswise and sandwiched the two halves together with licorice in between using melted chocolate as glue. I made a string of cars this way, all attached with licorice strings, making sure to keep the seams between licorice strings hidden inside the cars. Each one got 4 m$m's of the same color for wheels. Perched on top in a standing position were white letters for the kids' initials made by pouring melted white candy melts in a plastic alphabet mold. The locomotive was made using additional cut wafers stuck at right angles with an extra little piece stuck on horizontally at the top of the vertical wafer half. The barrel was a stack of cream-filled sandwich cookies glued together with melted chocolate and laid horizontally on the horizontal base wafer.  Two pieces of candy corn made a perfect smokestack. For the wheels, I used one red candy melting disc and two red m&ms. I stuck them on the locomotive, then dipped a small piece of licorice in melted red candy coating and stuck that horizontally across all the wheels at a slight angle. The children went absolutely wild over the train. It wasn't very elaborate or difficult to make, just very time-consuming due to the large number of cars I had to make - there are 32 children in the class.That was one loooooooooong train!.

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