Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Butterfly Birthday Cake: It's the Taste that Counts!

Today I'm sharing the butterfly birthday cake I made for my daughter.

It didn't come out perfect or professional-looking, but it's my best. The main thing is that my child knows I put in the effort for her...and that it tastes good. Which this one did. And that is why I want to pass on the recipes I used...because they're THAT good. They all come from www.food.com.
I went with two thick yellow cake layers with frosting in between. The recipe for the cake is here. It is so moist and fluffy, and tastes great, too! I have used this cake recipe so many times in different ways. It's always a hit.
I just love a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I do not care for the flavor of buttercream, not even when it's camouflaged with chocolate, and it was important that this cake be dairy-free, so that puts cream cheese frosting out of the running. I have tried so many frosting recipes over the years, and finally hit upon a winner with THIS one a few months ago. I use margarine and non-dairy whip topping in place of the butter and heavy whipping cream, and omg is it ever fabulous. Everyone person I've ever served it to has raved about how awesome it tastes. My husband will eat it by the bowlful. He spreads some on a slice of bread or just eats it with a spoon straight outta the container. I have frozen and thawed it and it was great. Using it to glue together my cake layers and frost the outside of the cake to look like dirt was obviously a no-brainer.
The butterfly and flowers are made out of homemade marshmallow fondant. I freehanded them on paper and cut out to use as a template for cutting out the fondant. Here is the recipe I used. I'm no fan of fondant myself, but other people do like the taste of this one more than the store-bought kind.
I'm not sure why the fondant appears wet and shiny in the photo. To be honest, I'm posting this quite some time after the actual event, so I don't remember if it sweated or got wet or whatever. I don't remember this fondant being shiny like that from other times I've made it.
So, there you have it. That's my best. Now go ahead and outshine me...

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