Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tulle Flower Clip

I've got a tiny new niece. And I just can't resist her. I love all things tiny, but especially and immensely tiny human beings. And this one has a full head of wavy black hair that just begs for flowers and bows and all things girly.  And twirly. And curly. And so, I just had to make her a pretty little hair thingie. I happened to have a bunch of pink tulle scraps left over from another project, and they became a little clip for the little princess. And here it is.

I'd like to assure you that my niece is, in fact, real, and this doll is not actually her. But I needed a model and this one was closest. Just focus on the flower, 'kay?
I think it looks kind of like a little tutu. Girly and fun!
I can't really explain how I did it because I was experimenting with this one and ended up repeatedly readjusting the method as I went on, to see what look I'd end up getting. But I can tell you it's made from an awful lot of pieces of tulle, in all different shapes and sizes, all glued and scrunched and folded in a variety of styles, based on the many different types of  flowers I've seen in online tutorials. In the center on top of it all I twisted a strip of tulle into a rope and then rolled it into a spiral and stuck it on top of the flower, which helped it flatten and spread out. I also trimmed the edges to make them more uniform after it was all done. I added a rhinestone to the top and some narrow satin ribbon streamers to the bottom to really glam it up, and then backed the whole thing with a felt circle. I glued on a tiny snap clip, then another felt circle on top of that with a tiny slit cut into it for the bottom half of the clip to poke out of, to give it extra staying power. And then I held it at arm's length and smiled because cute little things for cute little people make me happy.

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